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India is a growing destination for medical tourism, and people from all over the globe are looking to visit India for their medical needs. According to reports, the medical tourism in India is expected to gain annual growth rate of 30% as a sector.

Medical needs are common to all people of different countries, but seemingly there is no decrease in the cost of medical treatments, at least in the Western countries. The United States leads the chart of being one of the costliest countries to get treatment. Healthcare portal of India provides necessary information related to all the issues that patient travelling from abroad may face.

India healthcare system is growing in its appeal to foreigners because of the growing state-of-the-art technology offered at a far lower price. An estimate says that around 3,000,000 people will visit India for low-cost medical treatment this year. Looking at the trend of past years, it is clear that this figure will grow as the facilities improve, and more steps are taken by the government to encourage the sector.

India healthcare system provides various advantages to people around the world. Some of these include:

Assessing the situation is a proactive manner, the Indian government has decided to take necessary steps to enhance the infrastructure, and provide required assistance to grow the industry.

On-arrival visas are offered to the residents of many countries, and some restrictions have also been removed to allow patients visit India more frequently.

Familiarity with medical science and the exchange of knowledge in this field in the world together created a branch in the tourism industry as a health tourism. Health tourism is an organized journey from the environment of one's life to another place to maintain and regain access to the physical and psychological health of the individual. Today, tourism tourism is considered to be the most widespread segment of the world's tourism industry, and for this reason, related organizations in countries interested in developing tourism focus their attention on this sector of the tourism industry and plan for it.

Therapeutic tourism is not merely the provision of medical services, but it is based on the logic that medical treatment, along with rest and leisure and travel, caused by a foreign trip, can help to accelerate the health and well-being of people, and along with medical and medical issues, a network of biotourism for patient entrants In addition to the patient's health care, the tourist services include the provision of visas for the patient and his family, hotel reservations and the provision of tourist services.

Medical tourism, as its current form in the 1990s, is proportional to such issues as increased costs of health care and health care services in developed countries; longer waiting list for medical services; reduced air transportation costs; Internet access ; Demand for cosmetic surgeries; The aging of the most generous generation after the war on their number due to birth rates; The ability to pay for treatment costs; and Having free time to travel and accompany medical care on a holiday; Form Took

The factors that create demand for medical tourism:

The most important factors that cause the demand for medical tourism are:

· Lower price

· Search for a better quality treatment

· Attention to issues such as culture, language and ...

· Easy access to poor health insurance information

· The emergence of information and communication technology

· The existence of alternative medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayroda)

· New treatment methods

• The growth of aviation, hotel and telecommunications industries

· Confidentiality of patient information

Considering these factors can play an important role in the development of the medical tourism industry. From the perspective of the World Trade Organization, health tourism, travel