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India is a growing destination for medical tourism, and people from all over the globe are looking to visit India for their medical needs. According to reports, the medical tourism in India is expected to gain annual growth rate of 30% as a sector.

Medical needs are common to all people of different countries, but seemingly there is no decrease in the cost of medical treatments, at least in the Western countries. The United States leads the chart of being one of the costliest countries to get treatment. Healthcare portal of India provides necessary information related to all the issues that patient travelling from abroad may face.

India healthcare system is growing in its appeal to foreigners because of the growing state-of-the-art technology offered at a far lower price. An estimate says that around 3,000,000 people will visit India for low-cost medical treatment this year. Looking at the trend of past years, it is clear that this figure will grow as the facilities improve, and more steps are taken by the government to encourage the sector.

India healthcare system provides various advantages to people around the world. Some of these include:

Assessing the situation is a proactive manner, the Indian government has decided to take necessary steps to enhance the infrastructure, and provide required assistance to grow the industry.

On-arrival visas are offered to the residents of many countries, and some restrictions have also been removed to allow patients visit India more frequently.

Several years ago, the Sina Academy of Medicine has identified the need for centers to provide tourists with tourist and tourist services. Considering the advances made by Iran in the field of medicine and the progress made in recent years, the conditions for the provision of medical tourism in the country have been provided more than ever. Activities in the field of health tourism and provision of health care to foreign tourists since 1395, with great support and cooperation with the best healthcare centers of Iran, were established and approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Heritage Organization Cultural, Arts and Crafts, as well as the Strategic Tourism Council of Health in Iran, is currently preparing to attract tourists seeking health care from the Gulf States, the Middle East and even European countries. Considering the brilliant record of Santib Arena in providing health tourism services, it can be considered one of the most distinguished companies in the region.

 Iran has a unique position in the region due to its four season climate and the existence of natural resources and tourism. The history of medical and medical professionals has long been known worldwide, which can be considered as a strong point in the provision of therapeutic tourism services in the world.

As it is deduced from historical books, among the tribes and nations that have been struggling in the field of medicine and health and have achieved significant gains, the early inhabitants of the Iranian plateau have a significant role to play and the leading nations in This area is considered to be the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau, the people whom they should be the first surgeons of the ancient world and the first doctors who have considered the health of human beings and tried to provide health to people. The Aryans of the Plateau of Iran had a cleric who believed that filth and pollution were evil and cleanliness and health of Ahoorias, and in order to confront these devilish forces, they took medicine and treated the patients and were among the first nations to access medicine and medicine. Treating diseases and cure for pain and adding to their knowledge and awareness over time, and through interaction with other countries, they presented new achievements and innovations to the world, so that the first medical centers were established in Iran and doctors The great emergence and prosperity of the medical sciences were from Iranians.

Today, Iranian physicians continue to pursue their science and technology advancement and have grown famous and famous physicians throughout the globe to serve the world, which has a worldwide reputation. Therefore, Iran's rich medical history in Iran and the diverse climate among neighboring countries as well as the existence of excellent and privileged destinations for tourism have led Sina Medical Academy to provide therapeutic tourism services and the dissemination of high potential therapeutics and development of tourism industry. Providing the best medical and healthcare facilities and providing welfare services and accommodation for their entourage will bring you the best results.

Our services are:

 Free medical consultation before traveling and planning for travel

 Providing the best and most reliable doctors, medical centers, hotels and tourist centers

Provides a wide range of healthcare, accommodation and tourism packages with the best prices and best facilities

Planning and doing all travel affairs with the best prices

The establishment in other important cities of Iran in terms of health tourism poles of the country

Supervising and continuously monitoring the services provided to patients by the specialist team

Coordinate the presence of a translator or companion patient

    Track the treatment until the final result